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Is your mortgage really insured!

How many times have you heard of a mortgage lender refusing to pay for life insurance or disability insurance taken out to protect the insurance?

Let’s take stock once and for all!
A lender cannot force you to insure your mortgage with them. It is even illegal to threaten to deny you the loan if you do not insure it with him. You can cancel mortgage insurance taken out with the lender at any time and, above all, without penalty.

Comparative table.
We invite you to click on the following link to consult the comparative table on taking out mortgage insurance with the lender versus with a traditional insurer.

This table will convince you that it is better to do business with a traditional insurer.


What type of insurance
Mortgage life insurance allows your family to pay off the mortgage if you die suddenly.

But what if you become disabled? Does your workplace disability insurance have a long waiting period? For how many years will it cover you? And above all, will the amount you will be paid allow you to meet all current expenses and those often caused by a disability?

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