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Whether for personal or corporate finance, establishment of an efficient structure is becoming more complex. Our team will guide you in establishing a plan to meet your specific needs and, while respecting the different legal standards and optimizing taxation.

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Life is not always a quiet river, the insurance of persons will allow you to cover the financial losses related to your death or disability resulting from an accident or a physical or psychological illness. A good analysis of your personal or corporate situation, will allow you to find the optimal solutions for you.


Hiring and retaining employees are daunting challenges. Quesnel offers a multitude of possibilities in establishing a group insurance plan. We assist employers in administering the plan and are a resource close to all employees.

Our commitment to our clients is to be involved in every step of the insurance collection plan and are present in the company for employee education. We believe that this education, along with audit and cost control strategies, is the key to success in minimizing group insurance premiums.


Because behind every earned income, there is work and effort, we take care to choose the most advantageous investment vehicle for you. We offer a range that allows us to meet the needs of investors with smaller amounts such as those of the better-off. 

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