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Annie Quesnel 

  • Group Insurance and Annuity Advisor
  • Financial Security Advisor, Group Savings
  • Group Savings Representative*
    *attached to Groupe Cloutier Investissements inc.
info@quesnelsfas.com | Tel : (450) 736-2002

About Us

My studies in Industrial Relations at the University of Montreal well in hand, I continued my professional journey towards my first passion which is financial services. After 15 years in the family business, having always had the entrepreneurial spirit and solid experience, I founded my own financial services firm.

As 2016 dawned, Quesnel Financial Services and Benefits was born. I remain as motivated as ever to offer complete support to my clients in achieving their goals. With your motivation and your confidence, I take you where you want to go.

I build strategies with my clients by treating their finances as a whole. Your life should be lived today, not just when you retire. My expertise is mainly in personal insurance, group insurance and group savings, whether for professionals, business owners or families, who are committed to building their wealth.

I advise and analyze all the financial needs of my clients. This is why I am always looking for innovative and creative solutions for specific risks.

The human approach to the business relationship, transparency and honesty are priority values ​​within my team. I take pleasure in offering a support and coaching service to my clients, whether they are established or new. Generous of my time, I give as much as necessary. In recent years, I have been able to welcome many clients who had difficulty accessing an advisor. They are reassured when they see the attention I give them. It is important for me to be an advisor who listens to your needs and is easy to access. I am a passionate person who sees the people behind the finances. I enjoy being close to my clients.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to establish many relationships and surround myself with outstanding professionals. Together, we form a solid team of professionals, which allows us to optimize the services offered to our customers. In addition, with my superb team, we are pleased to be able to help a diversified clientele with specific needs by offering them financial products adapted to their condition.

All of these factors contribute to why people choose to do business with Quesnel Financial Services and Benefits, year after year. Today, I can say that I am happy to have set up a company that looks like me and that my children can be proud of.